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Sell on your terms – in your online store!
Let the world know your products and pack them into a virtual shopping cart. Create a store that will become a favorite place for your customers and bring you tangible benefits.
Infinite possibilities give you Devispace!

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What do you gain?

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A one-of-a-kind online store will set you apart from the competition. We do not need templates - the design of your store is created from scratch, so that its construction depends only on you!


We create an online store on the WordPress system. In addition, the WooCommerce plugin will provide functional store management and shopping simplicity for your customers.


An easy-to-use online store sells more. With this awareness, we create intuitive web stores whose path leads directly to the checkout!


Shopping in your store is safe as long as your customers' data is safe. When creating an online store, we rely on reliable security!

Payment convenience

Your customers can pay as they are comfortable. WooCommerce provides a smooth payment experience through Stripe, PayPal, PayU, Klarna and many other systems.


In the store, it is often the "here and now" that counts. We enable your customers to access your website from any device. A responsive online store will provide an efficient shopping experience at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

Instructional video

After creating your online store, you will receive from us a manual for its operation. A customized instructional video will introduce you to the store from behind the scenes and tell you how to manage it properly.

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Types of online stores

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Online store

Store created to sell your products. It involves purchasing from a single source and overseeing its inventory.
It gives insight into the business, simplicity of payment and complete convenience in use. For you and every user.


Integrated store

The integrated store is chosen by entrepreneurs who have their own warehouses or contracts with wholesalers. Thanks to the integration, inventory and prices are updated in real time, and the selection of imported products becomes easier. An integrated store also means more effective cooperation with suppliers so that products reach customers even more efficiently!



This type of online store allows multiple users to add their products. Such a platform offers different types of goods from a wide range of manufacturers. The most demanding of stores hosts many visitors who quickly become its customers.

Our selected projects

Seasoned online shoppers

Bringing out the flavor of food is the skill of Saltit store products. However, we helped spice up the Internet with a new store that stimulates all the senses! The high quality of the products highlighted in the aesthetically pleasing framework of the website makes it a pleasure for users to add them to their shopping cart and then to their dishes!

Beauty that fits in a basket is a corner of the Internet that cares about well-being by offering beauty. Properly displayed unique cosmetics hit the tastes of users whose virtual shopping carts seem to have no limits. The range of possibilities brings a breath of fresh air and individuality to every order

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Read the most frequently asked questions and learn more!

Yes. The online stores we create are responsive. This means that full compatibility with any type of device, including mobile, makes it convenient to store in your store!

Devispace creates online stores that can sell up to 1,000,000 products! Nevertheless, for the sake of maintaining the best functionality and efficiency during use, we suggest a quantity of up to 200,000 items.

Pricing is made up of many factors based on the individual design of the online store. Only after we know your needs and expectations can we give you an exact price for the service. Contact us and find out the amount of investment that will pay off in the development of your business!

You can sell any legal products and services in the online store. With Devispace, your online store has no boundaries!

Yes! Working with Devispace agency gives you a one-of-a-kind online store, but also the skills to manage it! With the help of the customized instructional video you receive from us, you will easily add new products, and perform the role of administrator.

Take a deep breath and contact us! In case of any problems with the store – Devispace is at your service. No matter how much time has passed since it was established, we will try to help you!

Course of cooperation:

See how we make dreams come true by creating space for your business to grow!



We are pleased to meet you! We warmly welcome you and your company. We delve into the expectations and needs of your online store. We present a proposal that hits your taste, and then sign a favorable contract.



We ask you to provide the necessary information and materials. We make a market analysis, so that we decide to take a direction towards the best version of your online store!



We design your online store, from moodboard to functionality to graphic and text finishing.



We present the design on which your dream online store will be based. Then you have two opportunities to apply any number of corrections. We tailor the project to your expectations!



Finally, we transfer your approved project to a secure server that will make your online store available in the Digital Universe!



Before opening your online store, we use it first. The goal is to verify its correct functionality and be sure that its use will be trouble-free.



After passing the exam, we cut the virtual ribbon and welcome your store to the Internet world! From now on, you can sell your products to regular as well as new customers, without limits and without worries!



We provide you with access to the store along with an instructional video. This gives you a full manual for your store and allows you to manage it yourself!

Why take care of an online store?

An online store just like a stationary one has the power to attract customers and encourage them to shop right with you! Transparency and easy access to selected products makes them more likely to go into the shopping cart, and the intuitive payment system is just a short formality before finalizing the order. A properly designed and functional online store will make it easy and fun for the user to buy, and when they need something again – they will come back to your store!