Social media

Communicating, establishing relationships with customers, speaking with the voice of the brand and gaining trust. Social media is more than entertainment – it is a powerful marketing tool.
How to run them so that they bring real benefits and rapid growth to the company?

We’d love to extend your company’s reach all the way to the stars! See how!

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What you gain

Thanks to our cooperation?

A strategy tailored to your needs

Your company is unique - and so are its needs. Depending on the type of business, target audience and objectives pursued, we will propose a social media strategy taking into account the latest trends. All to keep your business up to date!

Minimum of 8 posts per month

Regular communication is key to building customer loyalty and trust. At least 8 posts per month will help develop the relationship and respond to the needs of the audience. We will help you adjust the number of messages to be as effective as possible.

Customized graphics consistent with the visual identity

Social media graphics serve many functions. From attracting attention to being an important carrier of information about the company. These aligned with your visual identity will help build trust and simply make your social media more likely to be viewed, and isn't that what it's all about?

Completion of profiles

A run-down social media profile can be a deterrent and create insecurity - believe it, you don't want that. Up-to-date company data is the basis for building a reliable corporate image. We take care to standardize them and present them in an accessible form, so that no one doubts your professionalism.

Dedicated account manager

Social media doesn't sleep - life goes on there non-stop, and your company should be watching over it. Fortunately, you don't have to do it in person. As part of the cooperation, you will receive the support of a dedicated guardian of your social media, who will monitor it and keep an eye on it.

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What kind of social media do we do?

See where to be online!



A tool that has won the hearts of Internet users, which entrepreneurs have also quickly noticed. It’s an ideal space to share events, photos and opinions – including corporate ones. Harness the power to launch yourself straight to the stars!



Initially, vacation photos and popular hashtags. Now a marketing powerhouse that brings together your prospective customers by enticing them with aesthetic creations and communications that are very easy to engage your audience with. Instagram is a platform that gives a huge scope to show off and win new hearts.



There, business is booming and continues to gain new territory. It is on LinkedIn that you can present your company in the most professional way, focused on interactions between companies and employees. Sharing valuable knowledge and creating an image as a professional are opportunities worth taking advantage of, right?

Let us

increase the reach of your social media to the stars

Our selected projects

Moyamed - medical clinic

A clinic that treats patients holistically is still a novelty in our market. That’s why we’re running social media for the Moyamed clinic in Poznań to introduce patients to the benefits of this treatment modality. This way we can also introduce the specialists working at the clinic and their qualifications.

OK - Construction company

OK – Construction company is one of the most appreciated construction companies in Europe. We could talk about their realizations and successes for a long time – but it is better to present them on social media, and that is the option we have chosen. Thanks to the social media we run for OK – Construction, customers can get to know this construction tycoon better.

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Read the most frequently asked questions and learn more!

Of course we can only run a channel of your choice, or two – all combinations allowed. We customize platforms according to your company’s needs.

Devispace’s social media management includes creating content and graphics for published posts. However, we are open to full customization, so if you need testimonials, reels or videos, contact us!

Yes, of course! If you wish, we can subject all finished posts to your review and publish them only after approval.

If you want, you can give or suggest post topics – we will adapt to your requirements and realize your goals. However, if you want to save time and reduce your involvement – the creation of posts and their subject matter will be handled by Devispace, comprehensively.

We usually plan posts a month in advance. This gives us the opportunity to quietly make changes and be flexible to the dynamically changing social media environment.

Sure you do – it’s your company’s social media and you have every right to it. However, because of the need to maintain uniform communication and a consistent visual identity, we recommend staying in touch with us when deciding on publications.

Course of cooperation:

See how we will transform your social media in just a few steps!



We are getting to know each other better. We ask about the subject of your activity and the goals you have set. We collect information about your target audience and expectations for our cooperation. We are analyzing past activities and needs to respond with our proposal.



We meticulously analyze the collected information and study the competition. We determine the number of posts, engagement and communications that will speak with the voice of your company. We prepare an offer and provide you with our suggested areas for further action.


We create content and graphics

Once the action plan is approved: we act! We write posts and create graphics according to a set schedule and goals that we collectively want to achieve. We do not play “copy-paste”. Each post is created from scratch to best represent the nature of the company.


Post scheduling

According to the established schedule, we plan posts in advance.
You have an overview of each of them and the full right to suggest changes, which we make a priority.
You are assured that every message will be verified.



In social media it is not enough to publish, you also need to constantly control and monitor the effectiveness of your activities. Changing outreach and engagement are signals to which we respond at the speed of light!

Why take care of social media?

Do you remember the last time it was your “no social media” day? That’s right. This is a daily occurrence for your potential customers as well. Participating in it gives your company extraordinary power and opportunities, which can prove to be a new driving force for the development of your business.

Preparing content and graphics doesn’t have to be a challenge for you. Trust the specialists who know where, when and how. Open up to new channels of communication and do it right, with Devispace.

It is the appearance of the site that determines the first impression, which on the Internet lasts only a few seconds. Make the content speak in the voice of your company, and the visual identity create an image of your company. With a functional website, you can generate endless ways to grow your business and make a rewarding profit!