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A positioned website responds to users’ needs first. Search helps you reach your audience, bringing engagement and…profit!

At Devispace, we know that the higher the better, so we will take you on a journey to a new dimension of online presence!

SEO Specialist

What will you gain?

entering into cooperation with us


We don't do art for art's sake. We make art for results - your results. Our optimized sites occupy the podium of search results, so users get to them directly and seamlessly!

Short notice period

Working with us is a choice, not a compulsion. Therefore, the notice period for SEO contracts is competitively short. We respect your decision and do not hinder you.

Valuable backlinks

SEO is also about backlinks. We select them with great care and precision. We check the sites where we publish them so that the redirects to your site invite a wider and wider audience!

SEO copywriting

We know how to write. Our texts win the hearts of users and quicken the pulse of search engine algorithms. Keyword content deployed in a planned, effective, and proven way adds wings to your site, which rises to the top of search results!

Individual strategy

Each site is different - we appreciate its uniqueness with additional emphasis. We analyze and select the best individual strategy that brings the expected results!


We operate comprehensively. The websites we create are at the forefront of search results with their functionality and solid foundations. If you already have a site, we do a thorough analysis so we can improve it to reach even more users.

We are a partner of Google

We are a certified Google partner, which confirms our marketing skills.

SEO Specialist

Valuation rules

On what basis do we price the SEO of your website?


Action area

The price of SEO is mainly determined by the localized area of operations. Do you want your website to win medals on the search podium in your city? Or do you want visibility in searches across the country and even abroad?



Every industry has its own rules, and with them the complexity of SEO. The more niche the industry, the easier search engine optimization is; whereas if the competitiveness of the field is high – the complexity of optimizing the site also increases.



Keywords, specifically their difficulty, determine the complexity of the process. SEO is effective, but the road towards it is then a bit more bumpy. It’s a good thing our spaceship is flying directly to its destination!

Explore the results of our work

E-prescription for SEO

The SEO of the doctor’s website online has helped it reach new patients. Online medical services are now just a click away! Not only has the site benefited from the impressive increase in visitors, but also patients, before whom new medical opportunities have opened up. SEO has worked out for everyone!

Current information within reach of searches

The information portal carries answers to users’ quick inquiries. By being at the top of the search results, the answers are received here!

The regular increase in visits to the portal is the result of comprehensive SEO efforts. Making it easier to reach out to users and respond to their inquiries has resulted in opening the portal to a “second life.”

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Read the most frequently asked questions and learn more!

The price depends on three components: area of operations, competitiveness and difficulty of keywords. By getting to know your company and website, we are able to make a reliable estimate. Contact us and share your needs – and we’ll find a solution for them within the given price range!

SEO is a process that includes several types of activities. Their length depends on the complexity. The effects of the SEO process are usually visible after a period of several months. At the same time, however, they are the most durable and permanent ones.

Yes, SEO is an investment that pays off in page views and in dream conversion rates. Presence at the top of the search results is an assurance that the user will go to you!

Positioning is a long-term process, but one that also produces long-term results. Google Ads, on the other hand, bring quick results, but once they are turned off, the site loses reach and is hard to reach. The most effective method is to combine these two ways, which will bring you the golden mean.

Course of cooperation:

Step by step to the top spot in the search results list!



We take your website under the microscope. We get to know its current state and the one desired by you. We take careful note of what you care about to respond with 100% efficiency!


Competition study

SEO largely depends on it – competitiveness. That’s why we analyze your position relative to your largest market competitors before taking action.



On the basis of prior discernment, we price an SEO service tailored to your website.



After accepting our offer, we sign a favorable contract for you. We conclude contracts online using Autenti.


Effective action

We incorporate activities on your website. We monitor and respond to the response of search engines and users.



Your website on the podium of search results! Enjoy your site at the top of searches!

What is SEO?

Do you have a beautiful website that you think beats the competition? Great! However, without proper Search Engine Optimization its main visitor will be…you. SEO is the process of improving a website so that it catches the eye of discerning users and strict search engine algorithms.
A series of strategic activities refines from the detail to the big picture. Every word, page layout and link building matters. The result of taking care of SEO is the presence of your website at the top of the search results, because – let’s not kid ourselves – they are the only ones that count.