Marketing consulting

The universe of Internet marketing knows no boundaries. However, the Internet, known for its freedom, has certain limitations that companies should respect. As specialists for online tasks, we will tell you which tools to use and how to do it effectively.
Marketing consulting will help you illuminate the space for your company to grow even faster – its bright future depends on your one decision. Pick it up with Devispace!

Marketing consultant

What you gain

Thanks to our cooperation?

Consultation with a specialist

You are a specialist in your field, you don't have to be an e-marketing specialist - we are. During the meetings we will share our knowledge and experience of the company's online presence. We will draw your attention to the most important aspects and suggest how to achieve long-lasting results.

Analysis of the company's situation

Every company is different, and so are its needs. Together with you, we will analyze the current situation of your business to choose the best strategy and above all, let you understand the meaning of Internet marketing.

Providing advice

Depending on your company's stated goals and capabilities, we will point out the tools and show you how to use them to make managing your company in the Internet universe both enjoyable and profitable - yes, it can be done!


During the consultation, we will introduce you to many issues. In order to systematize knowledge and take concrete action we will summarize all the findings by creating a check-list. It will give you a plan of action in black and white after consultation.

Recording of the meeting

Memory can be fleeting, and conversations like to fly out of your head. Therefore, after each meeting you will receive from us a recording of it - it will be a voice file of our conversation. You'll come back to it at any time, because you never know when an important piece of information will be useful!

Marketing consultant

What can we help you with?

Explore the scope of marketing consulting!


Help with existing operations

Do you run a business and take action on the Internet, but the result does not satisfy you? We will analyze the steps taken so far and give them a new spin. Sometimes all it takes is a small change, a look from a different perspective, to spot a problem that is standing in the way of your company’s growth.


Usability evaluation of current website

Do you already have a website? Great! We will be happy to cast our expert eye on its layout, content and functionality. Experience makes us notice even the smallest nuances, which are of great importance for user perception. We will point out areas for improvement so that you will notice the difference.


Marketing strategy

From the marketing strategy everything begins, including the implementation of any significant change. We will advise and suggest how to create it for your business. We know what a modern company needs to establish an online presence. We know and we won’t hesitate to use it!


Read the most frequently asked questions and learn more!

Before the consultation, it is best to prepare yourself first and foremost. We don’t need physical materials, multi-page strategies or extensive company documentation. All you need is to be able to provide an up-to-date picture of your company, the subject of its activities and its previous online marketing activities. It is also equally important to define your expectations and directions for the company.

Of course it is! We will then help create a strategy from scratch and together target the desired results. If you need support and help with the creation of a website or online store, the entire visual identity or texts for the site, we have something especially for you.

One marketing consultation with Devispace lasts one hour. If you want to spend more time (for example, combine two meetings into one 2-hour meeting) – contact us and we will adjust to your needs!

The price of the consultation depends on the number of scheduled meetings. Contact us for details.

Your presence on this site is motivated by a desire for change. We will find a missing component or a non-functioning mechanism in your company and suggest how to fix it.

Yes, there is such a possibility. Remember, however, that the more time and commitment you devote to the company at this stage, the greater the chance of a real metamorphosis and satisfactory results.

Course of cooperation:

See what marketing consulting with Devispace is all about!


Preliminary meeting

The initial meeting is 15 minutes, during which we will get acquainted with your expectations, the preferred scope of consultations and their number – so we will prepare for a series of meetings that will dispel all your doubts. It is after this 15-minute conversation that you can expect to receive a quote for future cooperation.


Choosing the date and form of the meeting

When deciding on a consultation with a specialist, it is you who chooses the date that suits you, through the integrated calendar on our website. You will get access to a panel where you can also manage appointments. Depending on your preferences, consultations can take place online or at our headquarters in Gdansk, Poland.


Settle payments online

You can quickly and efficiently settle your payment online. No searching for an ATM, no giving change and wasting priceless time.


Marketing consultation

That is, periodic meetings with a specialist, during which we will help you dispel any doubts and learn the secrets of the universe of the Internet. We will analyze your company’s current creation and/or create it from scratch. After each consultation, you will be left with a summary, a check-list and a recording of the conversation for repeated playback.


Effects measured in profits

Consultations are not just nice conversations about the future of your company. It’s a consultancy that aims to develop the online areas of your business so that these will consequently bring you profits. There are many ways to reach your goal, we will show you the proven one.

Why opt for a consultation?

If you feel that your online business is stuck in a vacuum, profits aren’t growing, and communications are falling on deaf ears, it’s worth exploring the cause. Devispace specialists will take a look at your operations and help you develop a strategy that will lead your company straight to the stars! The solution to corporate problems is at your fingertips. Put your company’s growth on the calendar and allow yourself to grow for the 21st century!