Google Ads Advertising

A new dimension of advertising that leads directly to your website! Google Ads have won the hearts of entrepreneurs whose messages reach a targeted audience. Easy to use, pertinent to perception and immediate results – what more could you want?

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What will you gain?

entering into cooperation with us


More than one successful campaign behind us - we are really familiar with Google Ads. We know how to set them up and supervise them to bring your company quick and measurable benefits

We are a partner of Google

We are a certified Google partner, which confirms our skills in marketing.

Short notice period

We respect your decision - we do not bind ourselves with an endless contract. Your satisfaction is most important to us!

Machine learning campaigns

With us, your campaign will start appearing to users similar to those who have already converted. This allows advertising to reach new potential customers efficiently.

Campaign oversight

Your campaign is safe with us. We continuously monitor its progress and adjust to Google Ads suggestions, so that your ads can reach even more effectively!

Fixed cost of running

With us, you know how much you will pay! The budget you set is fixed for the entire duration of the campaign.

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Advantages of Google Ads

See what you gain with a Google Ads campaign!


Immediate results

A campaign set up on your terms reaches a specific set of users right away! Therefore, you can notice its results almost immediately!


Pay per click

Only when your ad is clicked on does Google charge your budget. This means that just displaying the ad on the user’s screen is free for you!


Unlimited budget

You are the one who sets your budget and…you are not limited in that! Spend as much as you want on your campaign – the choice is yours!

Let us

create Google Ads campaigns and drive it to the stars!

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Support that arrives on time

The decision to start treating mental health problems is a difficult one. Traditional advertisements in this area rarely do the job. The situation is different with Google Ads. It is thanks to them that support has been able to reach a group of users.

Advertising in good taste

Professionalism, comprehensive and unrivaled your services are not enough! You should be shown the way to be able to get right to you! Google Ads is a signpost to people who are looking for just what you offer., to which Google Ads has shown the way to many new clients whose lives now have a new flavor, has found this out!

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Read the most frequently asked questions and learn more!

You will pay as much as you want for google ads – you set the budget. While the cost of our cooperation with your ads depends on the complexity of the campaign, the number of ads and the length of their display. If you want to know the exact amount – contact us!

Your ad will be visible for as long as you choose! Its display time can only be shortened by exhausting the budget you set. This happens when a lot of people click on your ad, and the chosen budget turns out to be too small.

Google ads allows for a very precise and detailed determination of the target audience. Can relate to location, age, user preferences and many other factors. We help you match the group so that as many potential customers as possible become the regular ones!

No, having a certain budget, you do not incur additional costs. If a lot of interest and a lot of clicks make the budget run out – advertising will be stopped. No interference with your finances – you have everything under control!

Course of cooperation:

A few steps to a new dimension of customer acquisition!



A meeting where we get to know each other better. We know your goal and you know our ideas!


Competitor analysis

We look at your market competitors to come up with a unique campaign that will stand out and catch the attention of your prospective clients.



We clearly define the price, which remains constant throughout the period of cooperation.


Signing the contract

When we decide to cooperate, we sign a favorable contract through Autenti.


Effective action

We are launching a campaign with ads based on graphics and text created by us that will attract the attention of the audience. During the campaign, we monitor it and make recommended updates.


Many conversions

You observe significantly increased traffic to your site and enjoy the coveted conversions!

What is the Google Ads phenomenon all about?

Google Ads helps you reach your target audience within a specific period of time, serving them ads laced with inviting graphics and text that effectively grab their attention! The customization and individuality of ads makes Google Ads the source of most conversions. Incorporating an ad campaign with Google Ads will allow your site to be reached in a short period of time. You only pay when someone enters your ad. The cost of advertising depends on the number of clicks, but is always within your budget.

Google Ads can work marketing miracles and lead your potential customers by the hand to perform the conversion of your choice!