Visual identity

Do you dream of a memorable logo on a distinctive website kept in a consistent color scheme? It’s your lucky day – today we will make your dreams come true!

Make yourself memorable with an exceptional, unique and aesthetically pleasing website! Let’s create a visual identity that complements your company’s online image!

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What do you gain?

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Unusual solutions

We work out of the box - we do not use off-the-shelf or first-best ideas. We look deeper to bring out the best in your visual identity!


We design from the detail to the big picture! We create one-of-a-kind logos that inspire further identification. Do you already have a logo? Let us help you combine them with refreshed branding!

Online and offline

We visually identify not only websites, but also offline marketing materials. Looking for a unique design for your business cards or flyers? We are at your service!


We will help you with branding from the very beginning, but also carry out a satisfying rebranding! An air of freshness guaranteed!


We are specialists, however, we know that in a successful collaboration, you are too! As a specialist in your needs, you not only have the last word, but also a huge influence on the entire process of creating a visual identity!

Graphic designer

What can we do for you?

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Business cards

Despite appearances, business cards have not gone away and are doing quite well. They can do even better with us! Unique business cards are sure to stand out in your potential customer’s wallet and encourage them to dial you!


Logo and branding

More than a word, more than a drawing. An imaginative but easy and aesthetically pleasing logo is an essential attribute of any company – without it, it’s hard to identify a brand. We will create a logo that will catch the eye of many new and regular customers!


Printed materials

Presenting the nature of your business in an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching form will ensure that whoever receives a flyer from you will not forget it so quickly! Proudly displayed on the desk of a potential client will tempt them to do business with you!

Our selected projects


Spokojna Mama is a company that cares about the joy of the child and the peace of mind of the mother. The same as the one who gives proximity to his child.
The image of a mother embracing her child brings to mind care, security and peace of mind. Pastel colors emphasize gentleness, harmony and show experience in caring for the little ones.

A logo with the colors of Spokojna Mama surrounds business cards that successfully travel among mothers who need support in caring for their children. Tranquility and harmony allude to the character of the company, and the clear presentation of data will certainly leave no illusions and encourage you to choose the best care for your child!


Spokojna Mama flyers emphasize the company’s role in the life of every mother who wants to put her baby in trusted hands for care with peace of mind. The flyer also invites you to the website, which, kept in the same visual identity, shows professionalism in every detail.

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Read the most frequently asked questions and learn more!

Visual identity is the activity that creates the image of a company through graphic elements, colors and a uniform style for all areas of its business. This is the common denominator that from the first glance remains remembered and associated with a particular company.

Visual identification is priceless – but we can create it with a predetermined budget depending on the area of activity and your requirements. Call and find out more!

Yes. The key to the success of your brand is the high quality of your products or services, but it is the visuals that encourage and make the potential customer feel even more the need to own your product!

Not always. Sometimes they just need to be refreshed or slightly modified, and sometimes nothing needs to be changed. We will objectively and professionally suggest you the best option! We create logos that are easily remembered and recognizable. In some cases, changing the logo is enough to increase interest in the company.

Yes, sure. It is possible to print all the materials created by us in the appropriate sizes.

Course of cooperation:

How far are you from your dream visual identity?



We get acquainted with your company, you get acquainted with ours. We listen to your needs and respond to them with our vision.



We present you with our concept, and with it the scope of action and ideas, the effect of which will be visible to the naked eye!



We design with passion, commitment and the character of your company!



We present to you your future visual identity! We make adjustments, if any, to achieve your complete satisfaction and contentment!



We put our design on your website, whose uniqueness grows in your eyes!

Why take care of your visual identity?

The design of your dream website is based on it. It’s more than a stamp, color or font. It’s consistency that demonstrates your commitment and professionalism. It’s reassurance that you’re taking care of the details, and your customer can feel taken care of. With a visual identity, your company can be remembered the way you want it to be! With its help you non-verbally convey the character of the brand and emphasize its features. You make yourself known to the online world as an informed and trustworthy company!