When in theory everything should work, but in practice nothing works – what to do when our website does not bring the expected results?

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Do you have a website, you’ve taken care of the keywords, you have an interesting offer, but the statistics on visits and conversions continue to look poor? The reasons can be many, fortunately we have ways to change the situation. Wondering how to take care of your sales with a website? We explain.

Website not producing the expected results? The problem may lie in SEO

If your website isn’t attracting customers, an inadequate SEO campaign is usually the cause. Consider whether you have made the following mistakes.

Websites – poor SEO optimization

When creating content for a website, it is not enough just to attractively describe products or services. Keywords must be woven into all content, titles, headings and photo captions. If your website is not producing results, it is very possible that the keywords are poorly optimized.

This is where we should start creating the content of the site. We need to think carefully about their amount: an excess can be just as harmful as a deficiency. Remember to include keywords in different places on the page – the most important thing is the natural effect.

Your keywords are too competitive

One may wonder: as in, shouldn’t the key phrases just be competitive? Of course, but we must count strength against strength. If we operate in a highly competitive industry, for example, that of clothing, food, sports, electronics, then trying to position the site for the same keywords as our formidable competitors is unlikely to yield much results.

In such a case, it is worth considering
the site for long-tail phrases, i.e. those more specific phrases that better describe our products. Although they admittedly have a lower monthly number of searches, they are also less competitive – this will give us a better chance to rank high in Google search.

Content marketing – bet on valuable content

Once we have properly selected keywords, we need to look at the content on our site. We need to look at them not only from the positioning point of view, but also from the user’s point of view. Will it get all the information it needs about your company from the content on the site? Are they engaging, written in understandable language? Content from the home page, the other tabs, or the blog, should reassure potential customers that we are an expert in a particular industry.

Of course, in both an online store and a company website, unique content is very important – any plagiarism will make the website rank lower in search results.

Refine the technical aspects of your online store

For online stores, technical errors on the site are a common cause of poor ranking in search results. Their list can be long:

  • Failure to optimize page with 404 error

  • long page loading

  • unloaded photos or photos of poor quality

  • overlapping page elements

  • undevelopable menu

All these mistakes not only make it difficult for users to navigate through key elements of the website, but also make it appear unprofessional, which affects the perception of our entire brand.

Have you forgotten about responsiveness in your online store?

Today, with nearly half of all Internet traffic coming from mobile devices, website responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of any company website. If we don’t take care of this aspect, half of our customers may simply never know about our site. Since no company can afford such a loss, it is imperative that we ensure that our site is properly displayed on mobile devices.

Refine the UX on your site

The so-called. User experience is all the user’s feelings and reactions about our site. It can consist of virtually anything: ease of filtering products, number of payment or shipping options, intuitive design, ability to enlarge images and many, many other factors. Of course, users also take into account the issues we have already described such as the responsiveness of the site or substantive content. If the User Experience is not at a high level, then unfortunately – we can say goodbye to high ranking in search results.

We can ask ourselves: how will Google know that the user did not like our site? The answer is very simple – in such a situation it will probably quickly leave the homepage. A short time to visit the site and a lack of clicking on the various tabs is a signal that the website has not served its purpose.

To remedy bad UX, it’s best to follow the same path as our potential customer: from the moment they enter the site until they complete their purchase. Then we can discover many points that cause us to lose users.

Inadequate internal linking can result in low ranking of your home page on Google

Links within the site that lead to other tabs on our site is a very good SEO method. Unfortunately – poorly executed can cause more losses than gains. First of all, let’s make sure that the internal linking works properly: clicking on a link that doesn’t open will definitely discourage the user.

Secondly, with internal linking, you can’t overdo it: if every second paragraph has a link referring to another page on our site, it may be overkill.

Of course, there are also many more, more complicated internal linking issues that can overwhelm average site owners.

Don’t know how to fix SEO on your website? Marketing consulting will help you

Your site isn’t climbing in search results, and you don’t know what the problem is after reviewing the site’s structure? No wonder – website positioning is a very complicated and complex issue. Acquiring low-quality links, improperly configured page footer, poor keyword selection, possible technical problems: the list of potential problems is endless.

A professional marketing agency will analyze your site and tell you why your site is not ranking well in search results. He will also fix any shortcomings, whether on the technical or positioning side.

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