What visual identity elements are needed to create a consistent brand image?

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What visual identity elements are needed to create a consistent brand image?

Creating a consistent brand image online is a key step in building recognition and gaining the trust of customers. The right visual identity, which consists of many important elements, can help achieve such an effect. Find out which ones will help you ensure a consistent online image.

The logo

A logo is one of the most important elements of a brand’s visual identity. It should relate to the company in some way, as well as be original and easy to remember. This is because the graphic mark or symbol will be visible in many places, such as the website, social media or various types of advertising materials. This is one of the first things that potential customers and business partners notice. For this reason, it is worth investing time and resources in designing a logo that reflects the values and character of the company.


Choosing the right color palette is of great importance. Colors can evoke certain emotions and associations. For example, red symbolizes passion and energy, while blue can be associated with professionalism and trust. It is important to choose colors that are consistent with the brand’s message and reflect its character. Sometimes it’s also worth making subtle changes so as to keep up with current trends. Depending on the type of business, seasonal color palettes can also be used in certain areas.


A well-chosen font or set of fonts helps create a consistent style of texts and brand messages. Fonts can be used in logos, on the website, in advertisements and other marketing materials. Choose fonts that are legible and aligned with your brand identity. For example, companies involved in construction or innovative technologies should rather rely on classic fonts with a simple typeface. Artistic businesses, on the other hand, can also go for fonts that have a fancier typeface with various types of embellishments. However, legibility should still be a priority.

Graphic elements

In addition to a logo, a brand may have other graphic identification elements, such as icons, symbols or templates. These can be used on the website, in advertising materials and on social media. These elements help with visual brand recognition. In addition, it is recommended to be consistent in style in graphics, photos and videos. This way, audiences will associate the brand with a specific image and more easily notice its content, for example, when browsing social media. Therefore, it is worth creating an original template for images.

brand image


The company’s slogan should be short, concise and convey the essence of the brand. In addition, it can be accompanied by a logo, and a combination of the two can be part of marketing materials. Keep in mind that a good slogan can help customers remember the brand and its values. For this reason, it can sometimes be a wise idea to have a specialist come up with a catchy slogan. Many companies boast such a good slogan that audiences remember it even years after a product recall.


A website should be treated as a business card of the company on the web. Therefore, it should be consistent with the rest of the corporate identity. In practice, this means using the same colors, fonts and graphics. In addition, for a good corporate image, the website should be responsive, clear and easy to use. It is also a good idea to introduce a logo and slogan on it. The best place for this is at the top of the page, as this is what is visible when you open a tab with the page. In addition, it is a good idea to place a favicon, which is an icon with the logo visible in front of the address in the address field of the web browser.

Social media

The brand should maintain consistency on social media platforms as well. It’s not about duplicating content, of course, but rather the overall aesthetic impression. As with the website, the colors, fonts and graphics on social media should have the same style as the rest of the visual identity. A logo can be chosen for the profile picture, which in this way can be even more recognizable and associated with the brand. The slogan, on the other hand, can be placed as a background photo.

Offer materials

All online advertising materials in which a company’s offerings are presented should be visually similar. It can be a good idea to create identical posters, flyers, menus and banner ads in both online and paper versions. In this way, it will be easier for customers to connect the brand’s image online with its presence in reality. Again, it is advisable to use the same colors, fonts and graphics as for other corporate identity elements.

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What visual identity elements are needed to create a consistent brand image?


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