What is AI and why is it such a popular tool in online marketing today?

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What is AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been conquering the world of online marketing for quite some time. Its emergence has revolutionized the way companies build relationships with customers and achieve success online. Learn more about AI tools and find out the secret behind their popularity in the online marketing industry.

What is AI in the world of online marketing?

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to possess some human skills. This mainly refers to analyzing data, learning and using the information gained. In online marketing, AI is present in various types of tools that are used to analyze, automate, personalize and optimize activities.

Why is AI so popular these days?

Time saving

One of the main reasons for the popularity of AI in marketing is that it saves time. With the ability to analyze large amounts of data in real time, marketers can quickly identify trends, learn about user behavior and effectively respond to changing market conditions. In turn, the time saved can be allocated to other marketing activities.

Cost reduction

AI tools are helping to reduce costs, which is related to the automation of many processes. AI systems are able to perform tasks that would require a large amount of staff time. The automation of advertising, data analysis or customer service processes can therefore lead to a significant reduction in operating costs, even taking into account the expenses associated with the purchase and use of AI tools.

Automation of operations

AI makes it possible to automate many marketing activities, such as creating ad campaigns, managing content on websites, or handling customer communications through chatbots. This allows marketers to focus on strategy and activities that require creativity. Work in marketing thus becomes easier, more enjoyable AND less tedious.

Offer personalization

Thanks to AI, it is possible to personalize offers more precisely. AI-based systems analyze data on user behavior, shopping preferences and browsing history. Based on the data obtained, personalized ads, product recommendations and content can be delivered. This, in turn, helps improve conversions.

what is AI

What can AI be used for in online marketing?

AI offers a really wide range of possibilities for use in online marketing. Getting to know AI tools can significantly improve a company’s operations, and positively influence the pace of its growth. When planning marketing activities, artificial intelligence can help with activities such as:

  • Segmentation and data analysis: AI systems enable accurate segmentation of the target audience based on demographics, online behavior and purchase preferences. This makes it easier to create personalized content and marketing campaigns.
  • Product recommendations: AI analyzes purchase and browsing history, generating personalized recommendations. This increases the chances of improving conversions, especially in the context of online sales. It is worth remembering that recommendations of similar products are an effective marketing tool.
  • Chatbots: AI-based chatbots are capable of providing quick and accurate answers to customer questions. They can also conduct interactions on the website and social media. Customer service automation improves a company’s operations and saves a lot of money, for example, by reducing the number of help desk staff.
  • Trend prediction and data analysis: AI predicts market trends, user behavior and campaign performance,. With the data obtained, more accurate decisions can be made and marketing strategies can be optimized in real time.
  • Personalized ads: Through data analysis, AI delivers personalized ads that better capture the attention of audiences and increase campaign effectiveness.
  • A/B testing: AI systems can automatically test different variations of advertising content, page layout or other elements, selecting those that generate the best results. In this way, the effectiveness of marketing efforts can be significantly improved, resulting in higher profits.
  • Content marketing: Artificial intelligence still doesn’t create perfect texts, but it can help in preparing them. This is because it facilitates research and content layout planning. It can also provide inspiration for an article or social media post, for example.
  • Newsletter: Thanks to artificial intelligence, sending messages to subscribers is really easy. All you need to do is use programs that are used to automate email marketing. As a result, the newsletter will reach recipients on a specific date, according to a schedule. AI can also personalize messages, for example, by adding the subscriber’s name to the greeting. AI tools for analyzing newsletter effectiveness are also available.

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What is AI and why is it such a popular tool in online marketing today?


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