What if your company has no logo and you have no idea for it?

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The path of every new entrepreneur looks similar. First comes the business idea – we think about what we want to sell or offer. Next, we face an important decision, which is the name of our company. The next step, of course, is the logo. It will be a symbol through which customers will automatically associate our brand and on the basis of which we will create further visual identification. But what about when we have no idea about creating an eye-catching logo?

What is the difference between a logo and a visual identity?

Before we delve into the differences between logos and
visual identity
, let’s consider what a brand really is. We can define it as the mental image that pops up in the consumer’s mind when they hear about our company. Visual identity systems consist of many elements:

  • logo

  • typography

  • color palettes

  • promotional materials

  • the appearance of the company’s headquarters and its cars

  • business cards, envelopes

  • employee outfits

  • e-mail footer

  • the language in which the brand communicates

As we can see, the logo is just one of many elements of the
visual identification
, but certainly one of the most important. It appears in virtually all promotional materials, so the creation of a visual identity should start right from the logo. However, what is a logo really?

Visual identity – what is a logo?

A logo is a unique, identifying image or symbol that is uniformly used to visually identify your company. As part of your brand identity, your logo should help promote your company and enhance your brand identity. Over time, logos sometimes become more minimalist, moving from a complex image to a more basic but defined design.

A logo is one of the basic visual forms created when building a brand. As part of your brand identity, it should be easy to identify and remember. Getting a logo that is easily identifiable, simple but at the same time memorable is an art that requires a lot of experience and knowledge of graphics and marketing.

Visual identity – your own logo lets customers know your brand values

A logo is a symbol of your company that must convey a certain message to users. That’s why it can’t be a random shape in random colors in no way related to our industry, products and company. The logo design should, with its colors and shape, reflect the nature of our brand, its values and in some way represent to consumers what they will gain by using our services. Since this is a very complex issue, it usually requires the help of professionals. If you need a visual identity that stands out, it’s worth outsourcing to a marketing agency.

How do we create the perfect logo for our company that is part of our visual identity?

Everyone has an opinion on what a good company logo should look like. Some may say that a simpler design is better, while others are fans of crazy and original logos. One thing is certain – a professionally created logo is easy to distinguish from one created by an amateur.

If you’re a business owner, when thinking about your business logo design, you’ve probably already thought about colors, graphics, font, etc. Your ideas are certainly valuable – after all, you know your brand best. However, it is a professional graphic designer in cooperation with a marketing agency that will make your logo not only reflect the character of the company, but also meet the requirements of a typical customer.

Professionally designed
will help hit the mark with customers and give the impression that your company has a good reputation. The same cannot be said for logos created by amateurs that were not designed with customers in mind.

Create your own logo – what is the “Space” package all about?

Choosing a logo for one’s own business is an important moment for any entrepreneur, and one that can also determine the success of the business. That’s why we at Devispace offer the “Space” package. It features three different logo options, as well as as up to two possible amendments. Such a service leaves the client with more choices: in one price he receives as many as 3 different options, so there is a greater chance that one of the logo designs will meet his expectations.

Here we also have the possibility of amendments, so the customer ask to change the color, font, size, so in the end you get a logo that suits your taste and meets the requirements of modern
trends of visual identity

Already having our own logo, we can start creating a visual identity system. We already know that logo design is only the first of many steps needed to create a visual identity.

Once you know your brand colors, you can move on to creating marketing materials. The visual identity system should be consistent, so use the motifs and font used in the logo in other materials: business cards, flyers, website, cars, etc. If you have also commissioned an agency to create a visual identity, you can be sure that the whole thing will be consistent and professional.

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