What if we don’t have time to make changes to the site ourselves? Choose a website care package

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Many entrepreneurs think that creating a company website is the end of their work in this area – the website will generate sales for them without any input from them. Indeed, a website is now essential for any company, but creating one is just the beginning. In order to keep attracting new customers, we need to update it regularly, fix problems that arise and introduce new features. Automatic WordPress updates, unfortunately, will not solve the whole problem. However, what if we don’t have the time and skills to do all this? Fortunately, now we can outsource website administration to professionals.

Website administrator – how does the company website care package work?

Most marketing agencies have a website care option in their offerings. It can apply to clients who have commissioned an agency to create their company website, as well as those who already have a site but don’t have the time or skills to take care of it.

The scope of such a care package will vary from agency to agency. However, it usually includes the option to make needed changes (new products, content, promotions), update plug-ins and fix any problems or crashes on the site.

CMS WordPress care is a very convenient option for entrepreneurs. What are its advantages?

Website maintenance – save valuable time

Running your own business often means working several hours a day. There are times when we have to manage literally every aspect of running a business, from recruitment to production to marketing. And while we are certainly an expert when it comes to our product or service, we are no longer necessarily an expert in Internet marketing or website management. Trying to introduce new content to the site or troubleshooting problems can often take up many precious hours of our day, sometimes with poor results.

Entrusting the administration of the site to a professional agency will not only provide us with expert management of our website, but most importantly will help us save valuable time. We can use it to grow our business and perform the tasks we know best.

Adding new content to your website is the foundation of a modern company website

Current Internet users (as well as search engine
) are constantly expecting news. This also applies to content on websites. It’s not enough to take care of professional descriptions on the website once – we need to constantly keep them up to date, as well as updating our offerings, photos, new blog posts, etc. A site that is alive automatically seems more professional, which of course affects customer confidence.

If we don’t have the time to constantly introduce new content to our site ourselves, just the care package can solve our problem.

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Updating plug-ins – why is it so important?

Administering the site is not just about adding new content and products on an ongoing basis. It’s also a regular update of WordPress plugins. Regular updates, above all, will help us take care of the site’s security. WordPress, like all other CMSs, may have some security vulnerabilities. However, since the system is constantly evolving, new plug-ins and updates are constantly being developed to fix previously unnoticed bugs. Regularly updating plug-ins is the only way to always be one step ahead of hackers.

Unupdated WordPress plugins will slow down your website

Failure to regularly update WordPress plugins will not only affect the security of the site, but also its loading speed, and nothing discourages users more than a slow-running site. Updating plugins also means adding new features and enhancements to the site that improve the user experience (User Experience) on our site.

Quick fixes to website failures are a guarantee of trust with customers

Non-loading images, links leading to non-existent pages, slow page loading – all of these affect users’ evaluation of our site. In times of so much competition, even small failures can cause a potential customer to choose another company’s site. This is why it is so important to quickly resolve any problems on our site. But where do they appear on our website from?

WordPress automatic update – what can go wrong?

There can be many reasons for this, but one of the most common is automatic WordPress updates. This CMS has an option to automatically install updates. While an automatic WordPress update would seem like a convenient option, sometimes not all changes install properly. This can result in many errors on the site. Therefore, a better option is to disable this feature and make all changes “manually”, using the Plugins menu. This way we can enjoy all the new features without worrying about errors on the site.

Backup – why should it be done regularly?

Just as we should regularly make a copy of all the documents and files we have on our computer, we must take care to regularly copy the content on our website. With a backup in case of an unfortunate event like hacking or server failure, we will be able to rebuild the entire site without any problems. Backup is, of course, one of the services offered in website care packages.

What does Devispace’s website care package look like?

Also at Devispace, we offer a corporate website care package. It was prepared for clients for whom we have already created a company website, as well as for those who have had a website for years and now want to have someone take care of it. Our package includes:

  • updating plug-ins

  • 24-hour response time on business days

  • 2 additional hours to implement new changes

  • Repairing user-induced problems.

All this at an attractive price depending on the selected offer. Taking care of WordPress means not only time savings for the entrepreneur, but also peace of mind. You no longer have to worry that the site will suddenly crash and you will lose all your content, or that it could be attacked by viruses or hackers at any time.

Updating plugins, adding new content and features, and backing up, is a must for any professional business website owner. Taking good care of the site means investing in a marketing tool that will constantly bring us new customers and generate sales.

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What if we don’t have time to make changes to the site ourselves? Choose a website care package


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