What CMS to choose in 2024?

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What CMS to choose in 2024?

CMS (Content Management System) stands for website content management system. The software provides an easy way to create, publish and edit a website. Choosing the right CMS can have a significant impact on the success of your online store, blog or other project. Find out which CMS will work best for you in 2024.


WordPress is the undisputed leader in the world of CMS. The most popular content management system is distinguished by its remarkable versatility, intuitive operation, rich theme base, wide selection of plugins, SEO-friendliness and large community. Thanks to this software, you can easily customize the appearance of your website according to your needs and preferences. What’s more, in many cases, you can manage it on your own, even with a fairly basic knowledge of technology. Such features make WordPress an ideal choice for small businesses, bloggers, web developers and online stores with a not-too-large scope. However, in its more powerful version, it can also work well for more complex projects.


Joomla is also quite popular among CMS users. This content management system attracts because of its high flexibility and versatile nature. It offers a rich selection of extensions, a high level of security, an active community and customization for SEO. Thanks to its wide configuration capabilities, Joomla software can be used not only for simple projects, but also for more complex ventures. For this reason, it is a good option for businesses that need more freedom to customize their site’s structure and features.


Drupal is a tool designed primarily for advanced projects that require custom configuration and extensive features. The modern software is perfect for large enterprises, institutions and organizations that need out-of-the-box solutions in the area of content management. It allows you to maintain full control over the structure and operation of your site, offers flexibility and provides advanced features. Drupal is also valued for its high level of security, free access, interest in the development of artificial intelligence technology and quick detection of possible errors by a sizable community of specialists.

What CMS to choose in 2024?


The Wix platform attracts with its ease of use and speed of website creation. It is perfect for small businesses, individuals and freelancers who need to quickly prepare a website without having to delve into the technical aspects. In addition, this CMS offers an extremely intuitive editor, as well as hassle-free addition of plugins, introduction of an online store or implementation of marketing activities. Availability in Polish is also an unquestionable advantage. The basic features are free, but there is also an option for paid plans, which are designed to meet the needs of the business and e-commerce world.


Magento is a fairly popular CMS that focuses on the needs of online stores. Dedicated features for online commerce, such as product, order and payment management, make this system an excellent choice for medium and large e-commerce businesses. The software takes into account the marketing tool and promotions, supports search engine positioning and provides scalability through the ability to add new features as the business grows. A number of well-known companies rely on Magento in Poland, including such giants as Castorama, Poczta Kwiatowa, Intersport and Drogerie Natura, among others.


Shopify is another CMS that is a tool designed to meet the needs of e-commerce. The main idea of the platform’s developers is to provide owners of small online stores with a package of essential services for payment, shipping, customer communication and marketing. The advantages of this CMS also include intuitive operation, high performance and the presence of practical tools for managing products and orders. The ability to easily customize features according to individual business needs is also not insignificant. To top it off, a Shopify store can be created literally in a few hours. A Shopify Plus version for larger online stores is also available.


PrestaShop is a solution designed for small and medium-sized online stores. However, the extended version can also work well for larger projects. SEO support, a wide selection of payment methods, order management, invoicing and any number of language versions can be considered the most important features of this system. PrestaShop’s strength is undoubtedly the availability of multiple modules, which provides flexibility to adapt the store’s features to the latest e-commerce trends.

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What CMS to choose in 2024?


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