What are the best email marketing tools to use?

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What are the best email marketing tools to use?

Email marketing should be an important part of promotional activities. It helps build relationships with customers, increase sales, and provide valuable content. However, success depends largely on choosing the right tool. Find out which option will work best for you.


GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing tool. It offers a wide range of features that allow you to easily create, send, test and track email campaigns. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is the ability to automate e-mail marketing, which is helped by, among other things, ready-made message templates. In addition, users have access to a rich library of multimedia, autoresponders, SMS marketing or a web page builder. To top it off, GetResponse is available in various packages.


Freshmail is an advanced tool that is a great option for almost any business. It allows you to create professional email campaigns, personalize content, and automate marketing activities. It stands out for its high efficiency, ease of use, seamless integration with other platforms and very intuitive interface. In addition, new users can count on support in the form of user training. Freshmail also provides message testing, analytics and reporting, as well as integration with Google Analytics and a variety of ready-made templates with editing and personalization options.


MailChimp’s popularity is largely due to the versatility of this tool. In addition to the ability to manage email marketing, it allows you to create a social media advertising campaign and prepare a website for your business, On top of that, users can count on the integration of the three. Moreover, MailChimp can be used for free, and paid packages are available at relatively low prices. The tool, depending on the version chosen, offers various options, among which you can find A/B testing, custom branding or behavioral targeting.


When searching for email marketing tools, MailerLite is worth noting. This friendly and easy-to-use tool significantly simplifies the creation of mailing campaigns. This has to do with the availability of, among other things, professional newsletter templates, A/B testing, mailing list segmentation and automation. It is also not without significance that MailerLite allows the creation of landing pages, surveys and pop-ups. An extremely important feature, moreover, is the ability to integrate with Shopify and WordPress, for example. The tool is also affordable, and this applies to even the most extensive packages.

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ActiveCampaign is a tool that people with rather large requirements should especially pay attention to. The platform offers a number of professional features that can take email marketing to a completely different level. The tool offers advanced segmentation and personalization options, allowing you to deliver customized content to your audience. Users can also count on automation, SMS marketing, message template creator and CRM integration. In turn, integrated analytical tools help monitor campaign performance and optimize marketing strategy.


SalesManago is a comprehensive tool that can be a great introduction to marketing automation. The platform provides support for learning how to use the features, among which are such options as real-time personalization, social media integration, marketing calendar or sales funnel. On top of this, it is a Polish product, so it is perfectly adapted to the needs of the Polish market. At the same time, the platform is also quite popular in Europe.


An interesting email marketing tool is SendinBlue. Users can enjoy the benefits of automation, dozens of responsive message templates, implementation of live chat on the site and many other practical features. The platform also attracts because of the presence of, for example, transactional email sending and message tracking. SendinBlue is a good option for both beginners and more advanced marketers.


ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools in terms of speed of use and intuitive interface. To top it off, you can initially test it completely for free. The platform offers a high message delivery rate, a tracking system for sent emails and automation features. You can use a convenient website builder, which can be easily integrated with Google Analytics AND other tools. ConvertKit also provides signup form creation and subscriber scoring.

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What are the best email marketing tools to use?


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