What affects the cost of SEO and how long it will take for a website to appear in the first search results?

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High page rank in Google search is the dream of every entrepreneur who has a company website. To make this dream come true, you obviously need SEO. If you want to use an SEO service for your site, but have no idea how much it might cost and what affects the price, you can find out everything in our guide. You will also get information on how soon you can expect the first results of increasing your site’s visibility.

Why is website positioning necessary?

Nowadays, site design, substantive content and interesting photos are no longer enough factors to attract new audiences to your site. If we want our website, and thus our company, to succeed, it must rank high in Google search results. If a customer types a search term related to our industry into the search bar, and our site is at the bottom of the search, or, horror of horrors, on the second page, the chance that a potential customer will choose us is almost nil.

A high position can guarantee us precisely SEO. While the cost of SEO may discourage us, the number of customers we can attract this way far exceeds it.

How much does SEO cost?

It is always difficult to give a clear answer to this question. An SEO audit alone, that is, an evaluation of the level of positioning of our site, can range from 200 to 500 zlotys. The standard price list for SEO usually has a range from 300 zlotys to as much as 5 thousand.

If we are wondering how much it costs to position an online store, we have to expect even higher costs. Why such large differences in forks? We already explain.

The cost of SEO is affected by the size of your site

Of course, the factor that will most affect the cost of SEO will be the amount of effort and time that the marketing agency’s staff will have to put into creating its SEO. An uncomplicated website that offers few services and products will automatically have a small number of landing pages. This also translates into the number of keywords for which the site must be positioned. This involves less work for the SEO specialist.

On the other hand, SEO for an elaborate site with a large number of landing pages, products, services, and thus keywords, means more work and thus more costs.

Website positioning – SEO audit also means examining the activities of competitors

The aforementioned SEO audit is not just an SEO analysis for our site. It is also to study the SEO of our company’s competitors. A professional SEO agency will examine factors like:

  • SEO rankings
  • social media presence
  • number and quality of backlinks
  • quality of content on websites
  • web design

A professional marketing agency will examine all these factors and take them into account in an SEO audit. This will help the SEO specialist know what actions he or she needs to take in order to rank higher than the competition in search results. If your industry is characterized by a large number of competitors, thus the price of positioning will be higher.

Your site’s current design affects the cost of SEO

If you already have a website and only want to outsource its SEO, then you need to take into account that an SEO agency will evaluate its design. The appropriate level of optimization depends largely on the current site design. Sometimes an SEO specialist will recommend a redesign or fine-tuning of a website after an audit. This could be a division into new tabs, expansion of available content, etc. Of course, this will have a direct impact on the positioning of the website and its cost.

Local positioning – how much does it cost to position a website in your region?

Among the types of SEO, we distinguish those that are focused more on the local market, as well as those that are more global – covering the entire country, Europe or the world. If you are interested in local SEO, the price will probably be lower than global SEO.

Co ma wpływ na koszt pozycjonowania i czas

Website positioning also includes off-site work

If we want our site to rank high in search results, we need to consider not only on-page SEO efforts, but also off-page SEO efforts. So-called off-site SEO are actions taken outside the site to attract traffic to it.

Among the most popular activities of this type is link building. It is the acquisition of valuable links for the site.

And let’s not forget that SEO is also about making analysis and doing reports for the client, which is time-consuming, and thus will incur costs.

Web positioning – when can we see results?

Usually when we invest in a service, we want to see the results after just a few days. Unfortunately, in the case of SEO, the situation is different. The cost of positioning a website will start to pay us back only after a few months – usually it can take from six months to even a year. Several factors affect the time in which we will notice the results of SEO – several of which we already know from the list of factors affecting the price. They will be:

  • The history of your site – a new website will always need more time to feel the effects of SEO. It comes with less credibility, less content and backlinks.
  • competition – you will notice results much faster in industries with little competition. Even better if our products or services are very niche.
  • the number of SEO activities undertaken – positioning of an online store or a company website consists of many activities. The more of these the SEO agency uses, the faster we should see results.

Website positioning – is it worth deciding on cheap offers?

Have you found a deal on the Internet for cheap SEO? Usually, offers that deviate significantly from standard prices will not have the desired effect. Successful SEO must be thoughtful and include:

  • SEO audit
  • competitive analysis for SEO
  • internal linking strategy
  • increase organic search results
  • highly competitive phrases
  • many other SEO activities

Only a professional marketing agency can guarantee the effectiveness of your site’s SEO. An SEO agency will not only have the expertise you need, but also the tools to increase your site’s online visibility. Therefore, you should be guided not only by price, but also by portfolio and experience. Cheap SEO can quickly turn out to be a waste of valuable resources.

Web positioning – what to look for when choosing an agency?

As we already know, how much SEO costs for a website is not the only factor to look at when choosing an agency. When choosing SEO specialists to take care of our site, it is worth asking ourselves the following questions:

  • Does the agency also offer content marketing?
  • What SEO actions does the agency plan to take?
  • Does the agency also have an offer for online stores?
  • Will you get a report on the entire SEO process?
  • In what time period according to the agency will there be an increase in traffic to our site?

Also, always remember – it costs nothing to send an inquiry. If you are interested in the price list of SEO of a particular agency, do not wait and send an inquiry.

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