Optimizing a website for SEO – why is it important, how to do it and who to outsource it to?

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Optimizing a website

What is SEO optimization and why is it so important?

Do you have a website, but you are not having the intended success? Are you just starting your own online store and completely unfamiliar with SEO?

Invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is all about improving your site so that an Internet user finds what he or she is looking for as accurately as possible. If the search result is at the top of the list on the first page of Google, it means that the site accurately meets the objectives of SEO.

How to optimize websites for SEO?

Analysis – audit – action

Give yourself advice. A reliable and in-depth audit of your current site is the starting point. Remember that if everything is clear and readable on the site for you, and you like the colors, it doesn’t always mean that the viewer (read: customer) will like them too. They are the ones you need to think about.

A marketing agency audit is not only about the client itself and examining the target audience, but also about the entire market, industry and competitors. Before changes are proposed to you, we need to know what will set you apart from the many and how to present it.

Home page

The first page is the first impression. Even if you put more important information on subpages, this is where the search engine surfer lands. This is where the Internet magic happens: SEO, meta title, H1 headings in the page code – you need to know what to include so Google will find you.

Clear layout

Ease of use, clear layout, items that follow logically from each other – no frustration in browsing is a guarantee of success and customer satisfaction. Don’t let an Internet user be unable to find the “About Us” tab. Also, opt for minimalism in the amount of content you have. More does not always mean better.

Copywriter vs. artificial intelligence

Content created by artificial intelligence does not at all make website owners and developers delighted. Good, substantive and unique content continues to be high on the list of desirable qualities. Lack of ideas and imagination does not write off a site – invest in reliable content from a copywriter with a light pen and impeccable linguistic accuracy.

Navigating between subpages

A website where nothing can be found, dead links (404 Page not found) or lack of previously promised sub-pages will make our potential customer flee. All information should be arranged logically and clearly. Every link and reference must lead to another sub-page. A professional website is a virtual business card that we hand to the contractor.

Font, color, style

The right style of the site says a lot right from the start and should identify your brand. There are many templates available on the market, but to make sure you find a tailored solution, ask an outside company for help. How about adding a typeface invented just for you? Perfection!

optimizing a website

Buy now!

Let the user find more information about products (search engine is a must) and make the shopping process for the online store the fastest possible. Suggest matching products to what is already in the shopping cart, or offer promotions and discounts. Quick payment and a discount on the next order will draw the customer back in a short time.


That is, what characterizes your products or services. They need to be specific and precise about the services or goods offered. Also make sure they are seasonal if your industry is volatile. If you sell gifts, cosmetics, books or clothing – put temporary information about Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and International Railway Workers’ Day and promote them well. An effective way to find the right words is with the help of experts. An SEO specialist will analyze the results using industry tools and their own experience.

Off-site SEO

These are all the off-site activities that you have little and indirect influence on – page load speed, online popularity, links sent to your pages, social media interactions, forums and site reviews.

It is one of the more complicated and long-term processes is link building. It not only strengthens the domain and its position, but helps build visibility and brand recognition, thus directly contributing to the chances of sales through the site.

Who should take care of your site’s SEO optimization?

If you are just planning your website – entrust it from A to Z to SEO experts. This way is the shortest way to the success of your site.

If you have an existing site that has been failing for years, it is worthwhile to have an SEO audit done by professionals who will diagnose the reasons for your site’s poor performance and propose solutions to optimize it.

Your goal is to have an effective and reliable website based on the most important and latest SEO guidelines – trust an experienced marketing agency. The money spent will turn into a return on investment in no time.

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Optimizing a website for SEO – why is it important, how to do it and who to outsource it to?


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