How to maintain consistency on social media profiles?

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A customer’s trust in a brand consists of many elements, many of which I’m sure he or she is unaware. One such factor is the consistency of the social media message – although few of us would mention this aspect, we subconsciously evaluate brand content on different platforms. If, despite the differences between the different pages, the brand’s posts match and have a lot in common, we automatically rate the company and its social media better.

Keeping social profiles consistent is part of brand image

Branding encompasses everything from consistent logos, your company’s colors and types of written language, to the content you create and the images you post on social media. This is where the creation of consistent social media should begin. You need to think about what colors are most important for your brand, what font reflects its character, what language you want to address your audience with. Consistency of all these elements will give customers a sense of order and they will not be confused using different platforms to observe your brand.

In this way, advertising campaigns on social networks will also be more effective, reach a wide audience, and the advertising budget can be better planned.

Running social media – color is key

The first factor we notice when we get on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or other social media sites of a given company is definitely the color scheme. We are talking about the colors of photos, fonts, backgrounds of posts or graphic elements. It is the colors that will help us the most in maintaining consistency in social media. A simple example: everyone is familiar with the distinctive purple used by the Milka brand. Imagine that upon entering the brand’s social media, we are suddenly attacked by…orange. We would immediately have the impression that we were in the wrong account – maybe it’s Fanta’s account after all?

Even though our brand may not have such a distinctive color palette, we still need to make sure that the same colors “run through” our social media posts. If your brand guidelines include only a few colors and you want your social media to offer more variety, you can introduce 1 to 2 new colors in your posts. However, stick to them and make sure they work well with your primary colors.

Having several social media accounts doesn’t have to mean creating lots of photos

We want to provide our users with variety and access to multiple sources of company information. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean constantly doing sessions of our products, services, employees or headquarters. We can use the same photo several times on our social media profiles – it all depends on the context. On Facebook or Twitter, for example, we can present photos of a new product that introduce it to users in some way. Basic information about the goods in question should be next to it.

Instagram, however, will already be a place where we can bet on the more visual aspect of what we offer – we can show close-ups of the product, its details, without all the specifications.

The same goes for events related to our company – one event can be a source of images for multiple platforms. It will be important to appropriately match the mood and character of a given photo to a given page. We will insert more professional photos on LinkedIn, for example. Let’s save the funny ones and those showing the character of our employees for Instagram or Tiktok, for example.

Jak utrzymać spójność na profilach social media?

Remember that social media must be consistent, but not identical

The reason for having accounts on several platforms is to reach different audiences. That’s why creating a consistent brand identity on each of your company’s social media accounts is extremely important, but that doesn’t mean publishing the exact same content on each of them. There should be a unique offering on each platform that will keep your audience engaged and contributing under the content.

The look and feel of your profiles should be similar, but it’s important to customize content for each platform. For example, the aforementioned Instagram is a platform that relies mainly on visual content. So this is where you should emphasize the visual aspects of your brand and focus on your image.

Facebook and LinkedIn are platforms designed less for the visual aspects and more for engaging users in discussions. TikTok, on the other hand, should be used to interact with customers in a fun and creative way through video content.

Finally, Twitter should be used to answer users’ questions and publish updates from company life.

Although, as you can see, each platform has a different nature and purpose, this does not preclude consistent content at all. On the contrary, with different communication channels you can communicate the same content in different ways, allowing you to reach different audiences.

Taking care of social media – when running SM overwhelms you

Content similar but not the same, consistent but not repetitive – if you want to reach your customers through various platforms, but the intricacies of social media are a bit beyond you, an interactive agency will come to the rescue. Specialists from such a company can start with the very basics – creating a brand identity. This will make it immediately clear what colors or graphics should be included in our social media.

The interactive agency will also advise us on which platforms will work best for our brand: maybe we won’t find potential customers on TikTok, or, on the contrary, it’s Twitter we should abandon. Social media is no secret to them, and neither are the programs used to analyze the results of advertising campaigns. With them, we will be able to better manage advertising campaigns, which will result in increased sales and new customers.

Running social media by experts in the subject will ensure that our profiles are not only updated regularly, but also that all the information on them is in line with brand identity and builds awareness of our brand. The cost of handling social media will quickly pay off for us in the form of visible results from our advertising campaigns on social networks.

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How to maintain consistency on social media profiles?


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