How to increase sales in an online store? Guide

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increase sales in an online store

Do you have an online store, but don’t feel you’re having the success you expected, even though your products are attractive?

Or another scenario: you’re just starting your business and it’s natural for you to set up an online store, but you’re completely out of ideas and don’t know where to start?

No matter which option describes your case, it’s already a fact that if something isn’t on the Internet, it probably doesn’t exist.

Transparency on the website

A customer lands on your website to learn about your products and, most importantly, to buy them. Do everything you can to make sure they not only store at your store, but come back for more in a short time. A well-thought-out home page is the first and most important impression.

Judge a book by its cover

We live in an age of visuals, images and images. There is only one first impression, and it is those few seconds that often determine whether a customer will shop or leave your site.

Take care not only of the homepage, the so-called landing page, but also of the sub-pages. Pay attention to make it consistent with your product. If you sell old-fashioned, traditional jewelry then an ultra-modern site will not be a good background for it. If you have a site where you show minimalist furniture made of steel and glass – then match the right style.

Remember that consistency is also about properly chosen colors, logically arranged sub-pages, matching font and clear menus.

What are you actually selling?

Don’t make the customer search for information – give it to them on a platter. Take care of detailed and meaningful product descriptions. Lack of information about the weight of a face cream, the dimensions of a coffee table or the material of a shirt will cause the customer to simply leave the site.

Descriptions and categories should be written in clear and understandable language.

All content should be unique – created exclusively for your store. Copying or (incorrect!) translating with tools on the web is out.

Where to find all this?

Let the customer find more. A well-constructed search engine, visible not only from the home page but also from the sub-pages, is the key to further search and ultimately more products in the shopping cart. For you – not only more turnover, but also the assurance that your products are worthy of attention and recommendation.

Listen to

It doesn’t matter that they speak badly. It matters that they are talking. Turn every negative comment into a favorable one for you – write back or over write, indicating that you are willing to improve the service or explain the situation. Take care of the user experience, be understanding, patient and offer more than just replacing or repairing the product. Give a discount, a free shipping option on your next order, or add free shipping to your order. Mistakes and complaints will happen, and only your reaction and behavior will get you out of it.

Page positioning

Website positioning is a complex process that includes all activities aimed at improving visibility and a better position in search engine results. These are all activities that increase the number of users visiting the site. Basic positioning activities include the use of appropriate keywords, a well-chosen domain address, quality content and the use of correct headings in written material.

Newsletter and blog

Keep in constant and regular contact with your customers. Think about sending a newsletter or set up a blog. Send information about news and discounts to your subscriber list.

The newsletter should contain engaging, valuable and specific content. Do you run a recruitment agency? In your newsletter, write about upcoming graduate job fairs taking place and indicate that you can visit your company for one of the positions. In your next newsletter, send a free ebook on recruiting, or include a guide on how to write a resume.

Remember to send blog posts or newsletters regularly.

If you don’t have an idea for newsletters or blog posts – outsource the job to a copywriter.

Advertising the leverage of the Internet

A proper marketing strategy and network advertising campaign is designed to increase traffic to your website. Ads are one of the most effective solutions to encourage participants to interact with a brand.

Ads offer a range of optimal and flexible solutions provided for every industry and budget.

Now 30% off!

For all the bargain hunters, offer something that will attract them. It has long been known that a crossed-out price and the lower one next to it or a big sale sign work wonders. Any technique aimed at offering a lower price works on the subconscious of customers.

Create a separate sub-page “Sale” or “Promotion” (mandatory in a different color), this will encourage customers not only to buy there, but to search the rest of the assortment. After all – you only pay for shipping once.

Marketing agency

You already know the theory. But if you don’t know how to go about it, or simply don’t have the time or aesthetic sense – ask for help from a professional agency. After a decent audit and analysis of your site, market, customers and competitors, the company will provide you with a package of solutions designed to support and increase sales of your online store.

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How to increase sales in an online store? Guide


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