How to get valuable leads?

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Leads are the backbone of any sale, whether traditional or e-commerce. Every website or e-marketing campaign is designed precisely to get leads. However, this is a classic situation where quality, not quantity, matters. It is the valuable leads that can determine the success of our company. However, how to get them?

What is a lead?

In e-marketing, a lead is a person who has shown interest in our products or services. In other words, it is therefore a potential customer. Generating leads is one of the goals (sometimes the primary one) of any activity
. Of course, getting a lead is only the beginning – the task for any company is then to direct the customer down the sales funnel with the help of a compelling offer and on-page content.

Where to look for leads?

A company can gain leads in many ways:

  • via contact form
  • thanks to the newsletter
  • through customer interaction on social media
  • thanks to the customer’s call to our company
  • thanks to a ChatBox conversation
  • by downloading the ebook by user
  • signing up for a webinar
  • Clicking on advertising our product on the Internet.

Of course, every company will have a different method of acquiring leads: it will depend on the industry, type of client, active advertising campaigns, features on the website, etc. However, regardless of the company or the method of obtaining contact, every company cares about a valuable lead.

How to distinguish a valuable lead?

Leads can take different forms: sometimes it will be just an inquiry, sometimes a name, sometimes full contact information. Of course, the more information we have about a potential customer, the better the lead will be. However, this is not the only feature that determines the value of a lead.

The quality of a lead is determined primarily by how interested a person is in our product. Did she come to our site by chance, or did she leave her information just to compare offers? Ideally, inquiries on our site should be left only by people who ideally fit the profile of our potential customer. The better the customer’s interests and characteristics match our company and product, the more valuable the lead.


How to attract valuable leads?

Of course, it is not enough to wait for quality leads – we need to attract them to our site. There are several ways to do this.

Acquisition of leads through properly selected keywords

In order to attract users to our site who are genuinely interested in our product and did not come to our site by accident, we need to think carefully about keywords. Valuable leads often result from the use of long tail phrases, that is, the more specific ones (instead of “wedding dress” “green strapless dress”). This way we can be sure that the user who clicked on our link is actually looking for such a product. So if he leaves his information on the site, there is a good chance that he will turn into a customer soon.

Do you want to receive leads from your website? Identify who your buyer personas are

To get valuable leads, it is essential to know our potential customer. Buyer persona is a fictional character that represents our ideal customer. His interests, needs, tastes, habits. In determining the characteristics of the buyer persona, it will be useful to identify characteristics like:

  • age
  • sex
  • residence
  • education
  • views
  • interests
  • leisure activities
  • earnings

All this information will allow us to create an offer that perfectly meets the expectations of our buyer persona. We can get them, for example, through surveys on our website or social media. Remember that your store can have more than one buyer persona.

Want to know more about your potential customer? Analyze campaign results

We can get further information that can help us gain valuable leads by analyzing the results of our advertising campaigns. It is a veritable mine of knowledge, thanks to which we will learn, for example, in what region our campaign is most popular, among what age group or gender. All this information will help us refine our next campaign, and thus attract better leads.

Outsource the acquisition of valuable leads to specialists

Getting high-value leads can be the key to success for our company or store. That’s why we can’t afford to waste the opportunity to gain potential customers. Positioning for the wrong keywords, creating campaigns that are not tailored to the needs of our potential customers – these are wasted opportunities that can cost us dearly. This is why it is so important to leave this task to a professional marketing agency that will take care not only of the quantity of leads for our company, but most importantly their quality.

With this kind of help, all our marketing activities will bring more tangible results that we will actually notice in our sales posts.

Gaining valuable leads also saves a lot of time – we don’t waste precious hours interacting with users who are not actually interested in our product.

That’s why it’s a good idea to outsource the creation of ad campaigns or keyword selection to specialists who have experience in acquiring valuable leads for our industry.

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