How to effectively increase sales – discount and promotional strategies to use in an online store

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How to effectively increase sales

Increasing sales is one of the main goals of most e-commerce companies. This is because higher profits allow for faster business growth. Various types of discount and promotional strategies can help achieve this goal. Check out what methods you should use to improve your online store’s sales performance.

Discount on first purchases

In order to encourage customers to buy, it is a good idea to offer them discounts on their first order. Granting attractive discounts on the first purchase can be a key factor in making potential customers choose your store. Such an offer will not only attract the attention of new customers, but also create a positive first impression and prompt them to recommend your store to others. Implementing this strategy can also make it easier to enter the market.

Seasonal promotions

Adapting promotional strategies to seasonal events is not only an opportunity to increase sales, but also to build relationships with customers. Special offers related to specific seasons and holidays can effectively induce purchases. Well-planned seasonal promotions also allow you to stay ahead of the competition and gain more market share at key times of the year. It’s also a great opportunity to creatively use thematic elements in campaigns, which can grab customers’ attention and make them memorable.

Loyalty programs

Introducing a loyalty program is a strategic step toward building lasting relationships with customers. Awarding points for purchases and other activities, which can then be exchanged for prizes, discounts or special offers, encourages customers to return to the store. Such a program not only increases customer satisfaction, but also provides an additional incentive to purchase. By emphasizing the value of a loyalty program and offering transparent terms and conditions, you can effectively increase customer engagement and trust in your brand.

Progressive discounts

A progressive discount strategy is an excellent tool to encourage customers to increase the value of their order. The more a customer buys, the bigger the discount he gets. This can convince them to increase the value of their shopping cart, especially if you offer complementary products to customers as part of cross-selling. When introducing and promoting progressive discounts, it is worth taking care to introduce customers to the benefits of buying more from your store.

Package promotions

Tempting bundle promotions, offering sets of products at a lower price than buying each one individually, are an effective way to increase the value of a shopping cart. Customers are usually looking for bargains, so offering them products in attractive bundles can convince them to buy additional items. Introducing such a strategy requires careful selection of items for bundles to make them attractive to the customer in terms of both price and utility.

How to effectively increase sales

Free delivery

Free delivery is one of the most important promotional strategies in e-commerce. If it is financially feasible, consider introducing it at a certain order value. Such an offer may induce customers to increase the value of their shopping cart to take advantage of free delivery. You can also experiment with periodic free delivery promotions and free shipping on the first order.

Flash sale

Organizing flash sales, known as “flash sales,” is an effective strategy for generating quick profits. The limited duration of an attractive promotion motivates customers to make an immediate purchase decision. You can introduce flash sales occasionally, such as in connection with seasonal sales, holidays or the airing of warehouses.

Discount codes

Giving away unique discount codes is an attractive form of promotion, while at the same time making it possible to track the effectiveness of the campaign. Customers who receive individual codes feel distinguished, which increases their commitment. The introduction of this strategy can be associated with various events, such as a customer’s birthday, a store anniversary or special promotional campaigns.

Promotions for newsletter subscribers

Motivating customers to subscribe to your newsletter by offering exclusive promotions is an effective way to build brand loyalty. Valuable offers to subscribers help create an engaged community that may be more inclined to buy or recommend your store. The newsletter is also an effective channel for communicating with customers.

Reviews and contests

Stimulating customer activity by leaving reviews and participating in contests is a creative way to build an engaged online community. Positive reviews act as an effective marketing tool to attract new customers. Organizing contests related to providing reviews or creating content about products can also increase interest in a brand’s offerings.

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How to effectively increase sales – discount and promotional strategies to use in an online store


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