Google business card – why should you have one?

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When planning marketing for our company, we often focus on expensive advertising campaigns and complicated activities. However, we forget the basics, which are often completely free – a good example of this would be the Google My Business card. Why is it worth remembering and what can it give our company?

What is a Google My Business card?

The definition of this marketing tool is very simple. This is a free entry about the company possible to create through a Google account. Allows you to provide detailed information and photos of your company, including location, services and products. Creating this free profile is a great way to increase your visibility in Google services. Information from your company’s Google profile may appear in Google Search, Google Maps and Google Shopping.

Google business cards are only available for companies that exist in the “real” world. This includes companies that have a physical location (e.g., a restaurant or store) and companies that provide services by meeting customers at other locations (e.g., consultants or plumbers). If you are running an exclusively online business, you will need to use other Google tools, such as Google Ads.

Why do you need a Google business card?

Create a Google business card and get found by customers

Whether you’re looking for “physical” traffic (a customer walking into your office) or online traffic, Google is the best tool to make it happen. A company profile on Google helps users find your business when they search for products and services similar to yours in their area.

Your Google business card shows search engines the “way” to your business. Simply setting up a Google business card is also enough to improve local SEO as well. In particular, a local business card is very helpful when users search for a nearby business using Google Maps.

What does Gogole Moja Firma provide? Control your business information online

A company’s Google profile allows you to control and update contact information, business hours and other necessary information whenever you need it. You can publish updates to announce the expansion of services, temporary closure or reopening. Google company profiles have strong local SEO, so the information you share will rank higher than third-party sites that may contain outdated information.

Build trust through reviews

Reviews are a significant way to build trust among customers and the credibility of a company. Google’s total number of stars and space for detailed reviews allow customers to share as much information as they want about their experience with your company. All this helps future potential customers decide which companies to visit and which products to buy. The realization that you have no power over the reviews that customers give your company can be scary, but we need to look at this as a big opportunity.

First of all, we can respond to each review, so if any of them seem unfair to us, we can present our side of events. Google also confirms that a combination of positive and negative reviews is more trustworthy than sites full of positive reviews alone. So a few inferior reviews won’t ruin our chances, and we should let our customers express their opinions.

Google business card allows small businesses to be more competitive

The company’s profile on Google is strongly visible in local search terms. You can achieve higher search rankings for related search terms in your company’s area. Optimizing local SEO allows smaller companies to compete with companies with a more significant online presence in your area. It is crucial to stand out and make services more accessible to customers nearby. It helps customers find you and your services at the right time when they are looking for the right companies and services near them.

What does a Google business card give you? Visibility in Google search and Google Maps

Google business cards are visible for appropriately searched keywords between Google Ads and the first free Google search results. When customers search directly for your company name, your business card is visible on the right side of the search on a computer and directly below the search bar on a mobile device.

When customers can find your company on Google Maps, it speeds up the process of getting in touch whether by phone or form. Having an address on Google maps with a relevant listing makes your business easier to find and more attractive in searches, and this can increase sales. Google’s business card is visible on
Google Maps
on the left side of the desktop and displays key information that helps customers make quick decisions – often even on the road when they are looking for specific services.

What does a Google My Business card give you? It’s a solution for companies that don’t want to invest in a website

Many new businesses still can’t afford to create their own website at first. This is where creating a Google business card would be ideal. Google My Business is a free tool that every company should use in its marketing strategy. Its optimization and use also won’t take up much of your valuable time, making it a cost-effective addition to any online marketing strategy. Optimizing and managing your Google business card shouldn’t take more than a few hours, and you’ll quickly see the benefits to your business by improving your visibility on Google.

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