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Increasing sales is the goal of almost everyone in the e-commerce industry. Greater profits are so desirable because they allow you to further develop your business and improve your standard of living. You can achieve better sales results by implementing proven solutions. Check out what to think about when preparing a plan to increase online sales.


Cross-selling is a popular sales technique that involves suggesting additional products or services to customers. In the case of an online store, this means showing users a page of suggestions with complementary items while they are browsing an offer, in the order summary or on the shopping cart contents page. For example, if a customer is considering buying a smartphone, the recommendations might include covers, tempered glass and other accessories. The key is to provide suggestions that truly meet the customer’s needs and prompt them to increase the value of their shopping cart.


Up-selling involves encouraging the customer to purchase a more expensive version of a product or service by displaying relevant options in suggestions on a sub-page such as an offer, shopping cart or order summary. In this case, it is extremely important to present the benefits that result from choosing the premium version. This could be higher quality, additional features or even original design. In this way, the customer will perceive this treatment as presenting him with a higher value offer, and not just as an attempt to convince him to buy a more expensive option.

Free shipping from a certain amount

Free shipping is one of the most effective ways to entice potential customers to order from an online store. Consumers are more likely to increase the value of their shopping cart if it allows them to avoid shipping costs. They see such a solution as a benefit and an opportunity to save money. Instead of paying for courier services, they can receive an additional product. For a store selling only higher-value goods, consider free shipping for each customer.

Wide choice of payment and shipping methods

Providing customers with a wide choice of payment methods and delivery options is key to gaining their satisfaction. Those browsing your online offer are more likely to use it if they can pay in their favorite way or send a package through a courier service they are familiar with. So it’s worth keeping an eye on trends in payment methods and courier services to be able to provide convenience to your customers and get them to buy through it.


Friendly return policy

A hassle-free return guarantee is an important part of building customer trust and loyalty. Creating a friendly return policy gives customers a sense of security when shopping. If customers know that they can easily return a product without a problem, it increases their willingness to buy, even if there is a risk that the product will not meet their expectations. Extending the period for returning a product can also be a hit.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to build lasting relationships with customers. Points for purchases, exclusive offers or special discounts for regular customers are elements that increase customer engagement and loyalty. The opportunity to receive free products or take advantage of partner offers after reaching a certain status in a loyalty program can encourage customers to buy again.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is an extremely effective tool for keeping in touch with customers. Regular, personalized emails with news, exclusive offers and product recommendations can keep the customer’s interest and get them to return to your store’s website. Remember to pay attention to the quality of content and uniqueness of offers to encourage the customer to open the email and move on to the sales platform.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been a popular part of many brands’ marketing strategy for some time. Working with the right influencers allows you to reach new target groups and build trust in your brand. Choose influencers who align with your brand values and can advertise products in an authentic way. Also consider the influencer’s community involvement.

Personalizing the shopping experience

Personalizing the shopping experience is now considered almost a standard in the e-commerce industry. Use customer data to deliver relevant product recommendations, offers and notifications. Use artificial intelligence technology to analyze customer behavior and customize offers. This approach makes the customer feel valued, so they may be more inclined to make a purchase.

Diversification of sales channels

In today’s e-commerce industry, diversifying sales channels can be the key to success. Make your products available on various e-commerce platforms, mobile apps and social media. This will allow you to reach different groups of customers and increase your brand visibility. In this way, you can attract a larger pool of potential customers, which in turn, if you target well, should translate into improved sales results.

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E-commerce – solutions that can increase sales


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