Content on the site – what to do to get it just right?

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When it comes to content marketing, it’s not just quality that matters, but also quantity. Creating content for a website is a process that should be carefully thought out. Too little or too much content can scare away potential customers. So what amount would be ideal? And why use a professional copywriter in this case?

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of content marketing. This is the creation of all kinds of content: headlines, product descriptions for a website, content for social media posts, content for banner ads, etc. All advertising slogans, text on flyers, descriptions of the company’s history on the website, hashtags in Facebook posts – all this is copywriting. Of course, content marketing has one goal – to motivate the reader to take a specific action: make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, click on a link, etc.

Content for a website – take advantage of the expertise of a specialist

In order to create content for a website or social media, it is necessary to have knowledge of the user who may come across our content: what they expect from the product, what their needs are, what age they are, where they come from. All of this information will allow you to create content that fulfills its primary purpose.

The user is one thing, and SEO is another.
also requires knowledge of keywords and their appropriate use. A good copywriter should therefore have knowledge of both marketing and sales or psychology. This is why companies and brands that use professional copywriters achieve the best results.

How to create valuable content?

Writing texts for a website is a complex task. The copywriter has to describe the company, its products and services and do it all so that it meets the expectations of search engine algorithms and potential customers. Content creation is not an easy task – on the one hand
on a company website must contain the right amount of keywords, and on the other hand, it must continue to sound natural.

The content created for the site must also be of an appropriate length. It will have a big impact on whether the texts will interest your potential customers. Of course, the content of blog posts, social media posts or content for a company website will vary, but it should always meet a few conditions.

Here are some tips that can help you determine the appropriate length of content on your site.

  1. Make your texts helpful. This means that the user should get all the necessary information from a given text, for which he visits the site. Ideally, our text should solve the user’s problem, answer his question and interest him enough to take the action we want.

  2. When writing content for a particular subpage, focus on one topic – a description of the product, service, company history, its goals. If you get a user interested, they will also visit subsequent pages of your site. Too many topics covered on one page will be tiresome and may discourage the reader.

  3. Write concisely. You don’t have to write in shorthand, but a given description should answer the reader’s specific question without unnecessary additions. Users’ concentration time is getting shorter and shorter, so long blocks of text deter them at first glance.

  4. Use headings. Less focus means that users often just “scan” a page. That’s why it’s important to use headlines that can grab their attention. Headlines will be appreciated not only by readers, but also by Google’s algorithms.

  5. Use bullets. Bulleted text is easier to digest and more memorable.

  6. Add call-to-action. Depending on the type of your business, it could be: “Buy now”, “Subscribe today”, “Check our offer”, etc.

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How to create content for a website – how much text is too much text?

It’s hard to find one answer to this question, because it will depend a lot on the industry in question, the activities of the competition, the level of specialization of our site, the type of entry. However, we can more or less determine the following values:

  • A social media post should be no more than approx. 1000 characters. Treating social media as a corporate blog is a bad idea that will cause many users to skip our posts. Posts should also not be a single block of text: we can use graphics, emoticons, hashtags in them.

  • blog post already allows us to have longer content. In this case, entries of up to 1,000 words will work well. Beyond this length, only those very interested in the topic will continue reading. Of course, the use of headings and bullets is very important here.

  • for content on a given subpage – this is very dependent on the type of site, but usually there should be at least 300 words per subpage. There is no maximum value here, but remember not to create essays on individual pages.

By putting the site in the hands of a copywriter, you are assured that he will professionally determine the amount of content needed

To create website content that will interest potential customers, it is not at all necessary to describe every little achievement of our company and describe products in depth. Content must have the number of characters to answer questions but not manage to bore – an art that is rarely seen on company websites.

The good news is that we don’t have to decide the amount of content on our site ourselves. A professional copywriter, thanks to his experience, will be able to determine what descriptions and posts will work best for us. It will increase the level of visibility of the site, and potential customers will be eager to return to the various sub-pages.

Take our example – we are finishing the article because you have obtained all the necessary information and are ready to act!

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Content on the site – what to do to get it just right?


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