One Page vs. Multiple Pages – which will work for you?

One Page vs. Multiple Pages - which will work for you?

Table of contents A website is now an essential part of doing business, especially for companies that acquire customers primarily online. However, it is extremely important to create a site that perfectly suits your needs. One Page and Multiple Pages designs are quite popular nowadays. Learn about their key features to make an informed decision. […]

Web design trends in 2024: minimalism or opulence?

Web design trends in 2024: minimalism or opulence?

Table of contents Are you thinking of commissioning a website design and looking for inspiration? Staying on top of the trends in the world of web design can be the key to success. An important decision you will have to make will be to choose between minimalism and opulence. Find out whether it’s worth betting […]

What CMS to choose in 2024?

What CMS to choose in 2024?

Table of contents CMS (Content Management System) stands for website content management system. The software provides an easy way to create, publish and edit a website. Choosing the right CMS can have a significant impact on the success of your online store, blog or other project. Find out which CMS will work best for you […]

E-commerce – solutions that can increase sales


Table of contents Increasing sales is the goal of almost everyone in the e-commerce industry. Greater profits are so desirable because they allow you to further develop your business and improve your standard of living. You can achieve better sales results by implementing proven solutions. Check out what to think about when preparing a plan […]

How does page load speed affect user experience and SEO ranking?

page load speed

Table of contents For the modern Internet user, page load speed is of great importance. Optimizing this aspect can therefore benefit your business in many ways. Learn how page-opening speed affects user experience and SEO ranking, as well as what tools you can use to measure and improve this important area. Why is page load […]

How do we encourage people to buy from our online store?

How do we encourage people to buy from our online store?

Table of contents An important part of running an online store is promoting the business. Nowadays there are many ways and tools with which you can attract the attention of potential customers. In this way, it is possible to increase profits and further develop the business. Check out how to encourage visitors to your online […]

Mobile-First Approach: Why is responsive web design so critical in 2023?

mobile-first approach

Table of contents The Mobile-First Approach is an approach whereby a mobile site is designed first. Only later is it adapted to computer screens. It is therefore the opposite strategy to the traditional approach, in which a version of the site for computers was created first. The interest in the Mobile-First idea has to do […]

Error 404. Why does it occur and what are other website errors?

Table of contents Almost every Internet user has encountered the message “Error 404 – Page not found” at least once. This error is one of the most common problems on websites. So it’s high time to take a little closer look at it, discover ways to fix it, and learn about other popular error messages […]

The most common mistakes in website development

Table of contents A high-quality website undoubtedly helps build a positive brand image and attract new customers. However, even the most experienced designers and developers can make some mistakes that will interfere with the proper operation of the site or reduce its effectiveness. Find out what problems most often occur in the process of website […]