How to advertise on the Internet when we have a limited budget?

Table of contents Advertising products and services on the Internet is now almost an essential part of most companies’ operations. Contrary to what you may think, a limited budget does not have to be an obstacle to effective online brand promotion. In this article, we will share with you proven marketing strategies that allow you […]

Accounting for Google Ads campaigns – what do we need to know before starting one?

Accounting for Google Ads campaigns

Table of contents Preparing and implementing a Google Ads campaign can positively affect business growth. However, before starting such a venture, you should be well acquainted with the rules of operation and billing in the popular advertising system. Learn about some key aspects of running a Google Ads campaign. Google Ads principles Google Ads is […]

Facebook campaign goals. Which one should we choose?

Table of contents Many entrepreneurs are surprised when the question arises when planning a Facebook campaign: what advertising goal is the campaign supposed to have? After all, it seems obvious – we want to promote our business and reach more potential customers. Facebook Ads however, encourages us to choose a target tailored to our needs, […]

SEO vs Google Ads – what really is the difference?

Table of contents Digital marketing encompasses many activities that have a common goal: to help a company get more traffic and potential customers online. Two of the most well-known online marketing terms are SEO and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). For those in the industry, the difference between the two is obvious. For the average […]

Google Ads – how to run in a small business?

Table of contents Investing in an online advertising campaign is a great way to promote your site on the Internet. You can do this with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), an online advertising tool that helps attract people searching for products, services or companies in your industry to your site. Google Ads campaigns, however, can […]